Global Day of Prayer Urgent Prayer Bulletin: Pray for Youth Traning in Sri Lanka

Dear Friends

A very good friend and longtime supporter of GDOP has sent this prayer request.  We normally don’t send individual prayer requests on the data base but these prayers will certainly impact the nation of Sri Lanka.  Please join us in prayer for this wonderful opportunity to impact the Youth in Sri Lanka

Today we start the first Training of Master Trainers in the Victorious Living Youth Leadership course in Sri Lanka.

After 25 years of war in the not so distant past, the biggest problem of the nation remains that the youth grow up without Identity and Purpose. The request from the church leaders representing all the churches in Sri Lanka last year was:  Please help us to grow a new future by training our youth leaders. We want to train 100 Master Trainers that in turn will train 20 trainers who will then train 75 youth leaders each to make up 150 000 leaders in the next 3 years.

This training is not for Christian leaders only and we therefore have Master Trainers from a broad spectrum of society to be trained. The Training is for three days until the afternoon of the 2nd Feb.

Please pray for:

  • God to be present at all times and to take control of the situation.  As I cannot talk of Christ it being a secular training but pray that His Spirit will be present to impact Christian and non-Christian in a dynamic way!
  • All the technical components. We are using good visual material and the effect of that can contribute a lot. Pray that we will have no technical problems.
  • Pray for the group dynamics! A group of 100 is actually too big to function as a team in only 3 days, but if God gives us favor the training atmosphere can be conducive to higher impact.
  • Soak the nation of Sri Lanka in prayer! This can and may change the future of Sri Lanka and usher in the glory of God!
  • Pray that my facilitation as such will prepare the way for the Lord!

For Him Alone!

Cassie Carstens

Global Day of Prayer

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