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WEA Grieves Untimely Passing of Enoch Sirikul, a Leader of the Evangelical Movement in Thailand

May 2, 2016

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) grieves the passing of Enoch Yuttasak Sirikul who died unexpectedly of a heart attack on April 29. Enoch who was only 59 years old served as Chairman of Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ and the Thailand Evangelism and Church Growth Committee and was consider

The Workplace: A Vital Arena for Spiritual Formation and Mission

Apr 25, 2016

Lausanne and WEA are partnering for stronger workplace engagement (Budapest) Participants from more than 20 countries attended the co-hosted Europe Eurasia Workplace Forum, April 08-10 in Budapest. There, the Lausanne Workplace Network and the Business Coalition of the World Evangelical

‘A clear evangelical identity strengthens our dialogue with society’

Apr 22, 2016

Efraim Tendero (World Evangelical Alliance) and Jaume Llenas (Spanish Evangelical Alliance) agree in their disapproval of ecumenism and emphasise mission: “If we stop sharing the gospel, we stop being evangelical Christians”. A second report from the 2016 Italian Evangelical Alliance

Landslide Changes in the Catholic Church and in Global Christianity

Apr 14, 2016

(Bonn, 07.04.2016) In a guest lecture at Westminster Theological Seminary, a Reformed flagship seminary in Philadelphia, Thomas Schirrmacher, the Chair of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance, described and discussed landslide changes in the Catholic Church and in glo

'Evangelicals Around the World' Wins Gold Medal in Third Annual Illumination Book Awards

Apr 12, 2016

Thomas Nelson announced today that the title Evangelicals Around the World: A Global Handbook for the 21st Century received the Gold Award for Education Resources in the third annual Illumination Book Awards. Together with his team of multi-disciplined scholars, writers, and leaders, general editor

Cast a net of caring

Apr 4, 2016

By Amanda Jackson, Executive Director WEA Women's Comission  Looking out at me from the front page of the newspaper yesterday were the faces of eight women – all killed by their partners or boyfriends. Lovely women and teenagers from all backgrounds. And a little girl, Darcey,

60th General Conference of Military Chaplains on the Topic of “Violence within Religions”

Mar 28, 2016

This General Conference held by all Catholic military and chaplains with representatives from many other European countries took place Berlin-Steglitz and had as its title “Violence in Religions.” As experts regarding Islam and Islamism as well as human rights and religious freedom, P

WEA Ambassador for Human Rights Speaks at Georgian-German Symposium on “Christianity and European Civilization”

Mar 28, 2016

The Professorenforum, in cooperation with the International Center for Christian Studies at the Orthodox Church of Georgia (ICCS), has hosted participants at a Georgian-German Symposium. The Symposium was entitled “Christianity and European Civilization.” The Symposium was held at the

No Democracy under the Sharia

Mar 28, 2016

Christine Schirrmacher, Professor for Islamic Studies at the University of Bonn, explained that the Sharia cannot be used to create a democratic state. This was stated during a hearing of the Bundestag’s Human Rights Committee on Tuesday. Indeed, Islam and democracy do not exclude each othe

International Institute for Religious Freedom audits World Watch List

Mar 28, 2016

(Bonn, 22.02.2016) For the third time the World Watch List of Open Doors has been audited positively by a team of 8 scholars of the International Institute for Religious Freedom. IIRF chose five countries and tracked the whole procedure, from the experts who answered the questionnaires,