Yara Hussein

Yara Hussein Jordan

Areas of Expertise

An Attorney of law with over 15 years of local and regional Law experience.

International Law and Policy Specialist with over 15 years of international experience.

Expertise in operations management, strategic planning, policy design/implementation and legal advice.

Extensive legal education with a strategic solutions-based approach and the ability to manage complex stakeholder interests, while demonstrating analytic clarity, political acumen, leadership and client orientation.

Expertise in project management, policy-making and development, SOPs, applied research, and legal practice.

Specialties: International Business law, Corporate, Commercial and Banking Law, Islamic Sharia Laws, Islamic Finance, Int. Arbitration Law and ADR, Int. human rights and refugee law and policy, multilateral cooperation, international criminal justice, IHL and rule of law support.


Jun 2015 - PhD Candidate - International Refugee Law – Lausanne University, Switzerland.

May 2008 - Advanced English Language Proficiency Certificate by the United Nations Secretariat. United Nations Headquarters-New York.

Dec 2006 - Master Degree in International Business Law and Human Rights, with Best Academic Achievement in International Humanitarian Law (Law of War).

May 2002 - Law Practitioner License by the Jordanian Law bar Association.

Jun 1999 - Bachelor of Arts in Law - University of Jordan

Areas of Studies and Specialization:

International Business Law. International Commercial Arbitration. International Commercial Transactions. International Trade Law. Public International Law. International Refugee Law. International Humanitarian Law. International Criminal Law. International Human Rights Law. Non-Profit Organizations’ Laws. Islamic Laws and Islamic Finance. Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR).


*An International Representative for the Middle East at the Global Task Force for Justice and Human Rights

*An Ally Attorney with Alliance Defense Funds (ADF)

*Active Member at the International bar Association (IBA)

*Active Member at the Jordanian bar Association (JBA)

*Member at the European Society for International Law (ESIL)

*Active Member at the International Law Association (ILA)

*Member at the European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (ELDH)

Interests and Activities:

Counselling / Marital, Premarital and Gender Based Violence (GBV). Public Speaking. Human Rights Advocacy. Diplomatic Initiatives and Lobbying. Legal Trainings/Coaching. Social Development and Democracy Advisor.