David Boan

Dr. David Boan

World Evangelical Alliance
Director of Humanitarian Advocacy & Service


Dr. David Boan (PhD 1978, Clinical Psychology, Rosemead Graduate School at Biola University) began his career in psychology in clinical and community practice by starting a Christian Counseling and Consulting Center in California. This work included developing church-based counseling programs, community services for the disadvantaged and developmentally disabled, and consulting with pastors. The community work led to an award from the State of California in 1989 for innovative services for disadvantaged people.

In 1996 Dr. Boan left private work to become the Vice President of Research for the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care in Maryland where he guided the use of behavioral science to improve quality and safety of healthcare, designed and evaluated community programs, and managed national campaigns for better health. In 2006 Dr. Boan went on to become the Executive Director for Innovation for Joint Commission Resources and Joint Commission International (Illinois) where he led development of models for sustainable change, defined standards for quality healthcare in developing countries, created tools for building capacity for improvement in international healthcare settings, and the measurement and improvement of healthcare culture.

Dr. Boan joined the Humanitarian Disaster Institute and the faculty of Wheaton College (Wheaton, Illinois) full time in 2010. His current work focuses on church based community resilience in Kenya, Philippines, Haiti, Japan and the US. Together with his wife, Andrea (MSW Social Work) and international graduate students at Wheaton, he is currently training and supporting chaplains and pastors in the Ukraine in partnership with REALIS, and Ukraine Catholic University. His other research interests address such topics as the role of faith-based organizations in community resilience, faith and trauma, vulnerability and justice, and public health and disasters. His teaching duties include research design, program evaluation, and the history of psychology/theology integration. He is the co-author of the Disaster Ministry Handbook and has authored over 100 papers and professional presentations.

Dr. Boan lives in Wheaton with his wife Andrea, a social worker. They work with refugee families, are members of the First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn, and pursue interests in camping, bicycling, woodworking and jazz.

In the role of Director, Humanitarian Advocacy and Service, Dr. Boan aims to serve as a resource to the National and Regional Alliances. He will be contacting alliance leaders to learn how he can best serve them and begin to work together to support the local Evangelical community.