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WEA Grieves the Death of Isaac Hunter

Dec 11, 2013

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) grieves the death of Isaac Hunter, son of Rev. Dr. Joel Hunter who is member of the WEA’s North American Council. “Not only is Joel Hunter a long-time member of our North American Council, a personal advisor, but he is a dear friend. Today, I join the thousands

WEA Pays Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Dec 5, 2013

As South Africans come to terms with the death of their icon and the father of the democratic nation, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) joins the peoples of South Africa and many around the world in mourning their loss.

WEA Is Delighted to Announce the Formation of a New Latin Evangelical Alliance

Nov 19, 2013

WEA is delighted to announce the formation of a new Latin Evangelical Alliance (Alianza Evangélica Latina). “The potential of this new Alliance is enormous, particularly in Latin America, with all its energy and large numbers of evangelicals, but with enormous social, political, economic and spirit

WEA Mourns the Loss of Hundreds Dying in Migrant Boat Sinking off the Coast of Italy

Oct 5, 2013

“Our hearts are heavy and our prayers are with those touched by the unspeakable tragedy of the sinking of the migrant boat less than a mile off of the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa on Friday,” says Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, Secretary General of the WEA. “It is impossible to imagine the horro

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, Creators of "The Bible" Series, to Jointly Receive Entrepreneurial Leader Award 2013

Sep 20, 2013

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, co-creators of “The Bible” Series, watched by over 100 million people worldwide, will be honored at the 8th annual Entrepreneurial Leaders Conference to be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada from November 14th to 15th.

WEA Encourages Churches to Embrace "Welcoming the Stranger: Affirmations for Faith Leaders"

Jun 20, 2013

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) encourages churches and agencies to embrace "Welcoming the Stranger: Affirmations for Faith Leaders", a series of affirmations developed at the initiation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in collaboration with leading faith-based human

WEA Calls upon Churches around the World to Observe World Refugee Sunday on June 16 and 23, 2013

Jun 3, 2013

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and the Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP), a WEA Global Partner, are calling upon churches around the world to observe World Refugee Sunday on June 16 and 23, 2013, as a day to remember and pray for those who are persecuted and oppressed around the world.

The Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church Thanks WEA for Its Work on Behalf of Christians Facing Discrimination

May 17, 2013

The Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church, Ignatius Zakka I., along with several bishops and archbishops of his church, has publicly thanked the Ambassador for Human Rights of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, for the work of the WEA on behalf of Christians facing disc

WEA Independent Bible Translation Review Panel Concludes its Work, Issues Report with Ten Recommendations for Wycliffe and SIL

Apr 29, 2013

In the light of various controversies about Bible translation, Wycliffe Global Alliance and SIL International approached the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) in March 2012 to independently review their best practice in the translation of "God the Father" and the "Son of God." The WEA formed an indep

WEA Commends UN for Passing Global Arms Trade Treaty, Hopes for Significant Reduction of Illicit Arms Trade

Apr 3, 2013

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) commends the United Nations (UN) for passing the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to regulate the international multi-billion dollar trade in conventional arms. Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, Secretary General of the WEA, said: „We congratulate both the United Nations and