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Multiculturalism and the gospel (and some other issues)

Feb 21, 2006

The community tensions exposed by the Cronulla experience remain even though the worst of the disturbances have ceased. Although newspaper headlines are no longer full of descriptions of riots the issues that have come to the fore are not dealt with quickly or easily.

Evangelical and Pentecostal Voices Heard at Assembly

Feb 21, 2006

Evangelical and Pentecostal participants in the World Council of Churches 9th Assembly have welcomed better relationships with WCC churches and called for greater co-operation in the future.

WEA Goodwill Ambassador Meets with Colombian Church Leaders

Feb 18, 2006

Addressing a group of 100 Evangelical leaders in Colombia this week, Johan Candelin, the WEA Goodwill Ambassador and head of the WEA Religious Freedom Commission, said the Latin American society is ready for Evangelicals to make great changes.

Scripture Translation is Making Progress

Feb 17, 2006

Reading, February 17 (idea) Scripture translation is making progress. In 2005, a further four language groups received the full Bible in their mother tongue for the first time. This brings the number of languages in which the complete Old and New Testament exists to 426.

Church group launches AIDS policy in Zimbabwe

Feb 17, 2006

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) Tuesday launched an AIDS policy aimed at harmonizing and sharing best practices in a bid to halt the devastating effects of the pandemic.

Evangelicals Mourn Lives Lost on Egyptian Ferry Accident

Feb 14, 2006

The world has seen images of the Egyptian ferry accident, scenes of survivors and family members mourning the loss of loved ones. Behind these images are lives devastated

Publication of Danish Cartoons

Feb 8, 2006

As a group of people with deep faith convictions, the European Evangelical Alliance understands the upset among our Muslim friends and co-citizens about something that they perceive to be deeply insulting to their faith. At the same time, as Europeans, we also understand...

What Now For The Christians of Hamastan?

Feb 7, 2006

Question: What sort of life are Palestinian Christians to expect now that Hamas has been elected to govern the Palestinian Territories? Answer: more of the same, and worse...

The Persecution of Palestinian Christians

Feb 7, 2006

A detailed and scholarly description of the suffering of Palestinian Christians can be found in a recently published work entitled: "Human Rights of Christians in Palestinian Society"...

First Step Forum: Human Rights Go Together With Human Responsibility

Feb 7, 2006

“Human rights need to be balanced by human responsibility”, according to the international group, First Step Forum...