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Adventists and Evangelicals Meet in Dialogue

Aug 21, 2006

Representatives of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church and the World Evangelical Alliance met in dialogue August 8-11, 2006 on the campus of the International Baptist Theological Seminary, located in Prague, Czech Republic. Although informal contacts had occurred during the past

India: Supreme Court Ruling Will Greatly Advance Persecution

Aug 11, 2006

On Friday 4 August, India\'s Supreme Court ruled that police do not require warrants in order to lodge First Issue Reports (FIRs), arrest and detain anyone accused of involvement in religious conversion activities.

Sri Lanka: CHA Press Release on Muttur

Aug 8, 2006

Fifteen national colleagues remain face down, dead, their bodies unclaimed and inaccessible for funeral rights to be performed in a shattered town of Muttur...A child spent the night from

Sri Lanka - Civil War

Aug 5, 2006

Dear Friends, I want share an update on the situation in Sri Lanka received from Godfrey Yogarajah, General Secretary of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL). Please pray for this country and for the Christians who risk their lives to reach and care for tho

Something New in Germany

Aug 4, 2006

Our warmest thanks to the praying people from so many different nations for their prayer support during the Football (Soccer) World Cup in Germany. God did more than just answer our prayers. He has done "more than we could ask or imagine":

Evangelical Alliance of Pakistan: Report, July 2006

Aug 3, 2006

Challenges are what make life interesting. Over coming them is what make life meaningful. Due to the irresponsible activities of certain Christian ministries a serious problem with the local clergy in an important city of AK had been developed. As a result, the local government promulgated a ban o

The Abuja Declaration

Aug 3, 2006

From July 25 to 28, 2006, about 200 Christian women and men representing church and public sector leadership from 27 African countries and from the African Diaspora in the United States of America met in the first African Forum on Religious and Government.

Congo\'s Rendezvous with History

Aug 2, 2006

On, July 30, 2006, many people in the Democratic Republic of Congo woke up at 5AM to meet their rendez-vous with history. Forty-six years after independence, there was joy and excitement as people queued to elect their leaders in the first free and democratic elections

WEA Youth Commission News

Aug 2, 2006

Dear Youth Commission Leaders, Here’s the latest news from here at our offices and around the world of youth. Website Updated The WEA Youth Commission website was recently updated and

Somalia: Igniting jihad in the Horn of Africa

Jul 31, 2006

As this is being written, the alliance of Islamist militias known asthe Islamic Courts Union (ICU) which has taken control of Mogadishuand most of southern Somalia, is threatening jihad against Ethiopianarmed forces that have crossed into