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Courageous Christian Advocate, Nguyen Van Dai, Persecuted

Mar 9, 2007

Nguyen Van Dai is one of Vietnam\'s few practising human rights lawyers and afounder of the Committee for Human Rights in Vietnam. As noted by HumanRights Watch (HRW) the persecution of Nguyen Van Dai commenced in August2006 as he and other dissidents were planning to launch an independentbulletin.

India: Memorandum for FCRA

Mar 8, 2007

The Evangelical Fellowship of India urges Christians to write a memorandum to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs. The memorandum should contain suggestions/ views/comments of individuals/institutions/organisations interested in the subject matter of the FCRA Bill, 2006 that w

India: Pastors beaten in Hanumanagarh, Rajasthan.

Mar 8, 2007

Two pastors were attacked and beaten by a mob of villagers on the evening of March 7, 2007 in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan.

Sri Lanka: Pastor and three others missing

Mar 6, 2007

Pastor Victor Emmanuel Yogarajan (51) his two sons Daniel Yogarajan (22), David Yogarajan (20) and another young man Joseph Sugandakumar (20) have been reported missing since the 2nd of March 2007.

Amazing Grace: How Sweet the Sound - by Lorna Dueck

Mar 5, 2007

Amazing Grace: How Sweet the Sound

India: Dalit Rights

Mar 5, 2007

The National United Christian Forum (NUCF), organized a rally today at the Jantar Mantar, as a public outcry against the National Commission for SC/ST for its recent rejection of the demand for reservation for Dalit Christians

Canada: New Report Published on Religious Freedom in Vietnam

Mar 5, 2007

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s Religious Liberty Commission (EFC RLC) today released a 14-page report detailing recent religious freedom developments in Vietnam.

Mob attacks Believers Church Bible College in Orissa

Mar 2, 2007

A huge mob consisting of villagers from two villages attacked the Believers Church Bible College in Brajarajnagar city, Jharsuguda district, Orissa on the evening of February 28, 2007.

Papua, Indonesia, The TNI and the USA.

Mar 2, 2007

The Indonesian military (TNI) has once again unleashed terror in thehighlands of Papua. Thousands of indigenous, predominantly Christian Papuanshave been ethnically cleansed from their villages and driven into theinhospitable jungle where many will die.

\"The Jesus Tomb\" - merely naked hype....

Mar 2, 2007

Thanks for the profusion of e-mails I’ve received over the last two days regarding the Talpiot tombs discovery in Jerusalem, a.k.a., “the Jesus Family Tomb” story.