About Bishop Elias Taban

March 20, 2012


My name is Bishop Elias Taban. I was born in the southern Sudanese town of Yei in May of 1955. Two hours after I was born over 50 men from the Yei police station were paraded disarmed and gunned down by the order of a northern Sudanese police officer. My mother had to wrap me in a blanket, and we escaped to the bush, where I was hidden for three days. At age 13 I was a child soldier in the first Sudanese liberation movement known as Anyanya. In 1978 I accepted Christ when a team of evangelists from Kenya came to Juba, Sudan.

I received a Diploma in Civil Engineering. I also have an advanced Diploma in Theology. I speak five languages: English, Lingala, Arabic, Bari, and Swahili. In 1990 I founded the Presbyterian Church in my province. In 2003 our churches formed a new denomination called the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). I am currently the National Bishop of EPC. In 2003 I was voted President of SEA, the Sudan Evangelical Alliance. I will be President of SEA until June, 2011. I have also served as chairman of the Yei, Sudan Pastors Association. I am married with four adopted children who had been orphans. My wife supports me in my ministry. She is a trained theologian holding a Diploma in Theology. She heads the largest women’s church organization in the area known as the Christian Women’s Empowerment Program. My wife was previously a 1st Lieutenant in the current liberation movement of the SPLA/M (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army). The SPLA/M leadership has released her to full time ministry with me.


I believe that God has called me to preach the Gospel. In my area of Africa many people are Christians in name only. They think they are Christians because they have a Christian name. Sadly, many have not heard or understood the message of salvation. Also, only a small percentage of the people in my area of Africa have a bible. Under the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ, my fellow evangelists and I want to take the Gospel to Sudan, and the borderlands of Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Central African Republic. We want to distribute bibles. Our goal is for every literate Christian household to have their own personal bible. Finally, we want to plant churches and disciple the believers. Please pray for us and, if the Holy Spirit leads you, partner with us.


Source: BASIC Ministries International