WEA Executive Team

Wider WEA Leadership

  • Dr. Bertil Ekström

    Dr. Bertil Ekström

    Executive Director, Mission Commission
  • Dr. Rosalee Velloso Ewell

    Dr. Rosalee Velloso Ewell

    Executive Director, Theological Commission
  • Rev. Godfrey Yogarajah
    Religious Liberty

    Rev. Godfrey Yogarajah

    Executive Director, Religious Liberty Commission
  • Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher
    Religious Liberty

    Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher

    Executive Director, International Institute for Religious Freedom
  • Colin Piper

    Colin Piper

    Executive Director, Youth Commission
  • Eileen Stewart-Rhude
    Women’s Concerns

    Eileen Stewart-Rhude

    Executive Director, Commission on Women’s Concerns
  • Deborah Fikes
    UN in New York

    Deborah Fikes

    Permanent Representative to the UN
  • Michael Mutzner
    UN in Geneva

    Michael Mutzner

    Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva
  • Rev. Dr. Joel Edwards

    Rev. Dr. Joel Edwards

    International Director, Micah Challenge
  • Commissioner Christine MacMillan
    Human Trafficking

    Com. Christine MacMillan

    Chair, Global Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher
    Human Rights

    Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher

    Ambassador for Human Rights
  • Tom Albinson

    Tom Albinson

    Ambassador for Refugees and Displaced People
  • Dr. Chris Elisara
    Creation Care

    Dr. Chris Elisara

    Executive Director, Creation Care Task Force
  • David Kornfield
    Pastoring of Pastors

    David Kornfield

    Chairman, Pastoring of Pastors Task Force
  • Ram Gidoomal
    Stewardship & Generosity

    Ram Gidoomal

    Chairman, Global Generosity Network
  • Rev. Dr. Rolf Hille
    Ecumenical Relations

    Rev. Dr. Rolf Hille

    Director, Ecumenical Relations
  • Dr. Christine Schirrmacher

    Dr. Christine Schirrmacher

    Executive Director, International Institute of Islamic Studies
  • Walker Tzeng
    Information Technology

    Dr. Walker Tzeng

    Executive Director, IT Commission
  • Tyler Wigg-Stevenson
    Nuclear Weapons

    Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

    Chairman, Global Task Force on Nuclear Weapons

WEA Regional Leadership & Ambassadors

  • Aiah Foday-Khabenje

    Aiah Foday-Khabenje

    General Secretary, Association of Evangelicals in Africa
  • Richard Howell

    Richard Howell

    General Secretary, Asia Evangelical Alliance
  • Emerson Boyce

    Emerson Boyce

    General Secretary, Evangelical Association of the Caribbean
  • Thomas Bucher

    Thomas Bucher

    General Secretary, European Evangelical Alliance
  • Glyn Carpenter
    South Pacific

    Glyn Carpenter

    General Secretary, South Pacific Evangelical Alliance
  • Alberto Solorzano
    Latin America

    Alberto Solorzano

    General Secretary, Latin Evangelical Alliance
  • Rev. Harm Tees

    Rev. Harm Tees

    Ambassador to the Holy Land
  • Stéphane Lauzet

    Stéphane Lauzet

    Francophone Ambassador
  • Sylvia Soon

    Sylvia Soon

    Director, China Relations
  • Rev. Johan Candelin

    Rev. Johan Candelin

    Goodwill Ambassador