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Easter: Where suffering was redeemed

Apr 5, 2007

Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | No. 423 | Wed 04 Apr 2007 \'My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?\' (Psalm 22:1) Jesuscried these words as he hung on the cross (Matthew 27:46). Todaywords just like them are cried from prisons in Eritrea, Egypt,China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea and Pakista

Solomon Islands: Prayer Request

Apr 3, 2007

Thank you for praying with us at this time. I am off to another part of this country in an hour\'s time, so this is a very brief report indeed.The quake shook the western part of the country around 8am on Monday morning followed by 26 shocks and very high tidal waves destroying houses and washing

Micah Challenege Prayer, March 30, 2007

Mar 30, 2007

Micah Challenge Prayer and Reflection Friday March 30, 2007 Welcome! We hope you will enjoy using these reflections with us! Reflection In this week before Easter, we are reflecting on \'A prayer of hope\' that was written for Micah Chall

Australia: Prayer of Hope

Mar 30, 2007

Micah Challenge: A prayer of hope: Let us pray: We pray today for God’s world. We pray that it might discover its human face. We pray for a world divided. - Divided unequally between the prosperous and the desperate.- Between those born into privilege and power and those

Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - March \'07 Update

Mar 29, 2007

Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | No. 422 | Wed 28 Mar 2007WELCOME to the 24 intercessors who have joined the list this month. DURING MARCH WE PRAYED FOR - ERITREA, where more than 2000 Christians, including youths, are imprisoned in appalling conditions and subjected to violent, cruel \'punis

Micah Challenege Prayer, March 23, 2007

Mar 22, 2007

Welcome! We hope you will enjoy using these reflections with us! REFLECTIONIn the story of God\'s people, there were always people that, without officially calling themselves prophets, were identified as such in the Scriptures, says Erika Izquierdo from Micah Challenge in Latin America. In the attac

Raise your voice

Mar 22, 2007

Sermon based on the book of the Prophet Micah How much time do we need to spend with someone to be able to say that we know them, that we know who they are? The Gospels tell us how: after having spent much time together, Jesus asked his closest friends what image the people had of him. His companion

Uzbekistan: Pastor Sentenced to Four Years

Mar 21, 2007

Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | No. 421 In 1998 when the US State Department passed its Freedom from Religious Persecution Act (HR 2431), Uzbekistan had several Protestant pastors serving long prison sentences with hard labour on bogus drugs charges. To avoid incurring US sanctions as a Country

Vietnam: Repressive Crackdown Hits Christian Advocates

Mar 14, 2007

In 2004 the US State Department designated Vietnam a Country of Particular Concern (CPC; deserving sanctions) due to its systematic, ongoing and egregious violations of religious freedom. In May 2005 the US made an agreement with Vietnam to remove it from the CPC list if Vietnam made specified impro

Christian Advocacy: Whose language do we use?

Mar 9, 2007

Reflections from Bryant Myers February 2003; http://www.worldvisionresources.com/newsletters/marc03-1.pdf World Vision is increasingly involved in policy and advocacy work. Drawing on our grass roots experience, we develop