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Christian Schools Damaged in Philippines

Feb 8, 2012

Colorado Springs,—Three Christian schools in the Philippines were significantly damaged during Typhoon Sendong last month. Flash flooding in the southern Philippines caused more than 1,200 casualties; over 1,000 people are still missing.

A.E. Africa Appoints Executive Coordinator of Theology Taskforce

Feb 8, 2012

The AEA Secretariat is pleased announce the appointment of Mr. Mateso Akou as the Executive Coordinator of the Theology Taskforce with effect from January, 2012.

Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore – Uniting for Cooperation

Feb 2, 2012

Something special and significant for the Singapore Church could be said to have taken place in May 1980. A series of events, especially in the latter half of the 70’s culminating in the Singapore Billy Graham Crusade in December 1978, contributed to the formation of the Evangelical Fellowship of S

EEA Newsletter January 2012

Europe, a cynic old lady? Looking at Europe, what do we expect? A deeper economic and social crisis still? Is Europe like a cynic old lady that has turned her back to the living God and to His church. It will not be the first time that God uses a social and economic crisis to prepare the way for

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Update – January 31, 2012

EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger is speaking at a missions bicentennial event in Boston on February 6. Participants will also celebrate the merger of two North American mission societies, CrossGlobal Link (formerly IFMA) and The Mission Exchange (formerly EFMA). A number of EFC affiliate ministry or

EFI NEWS Persecution Watch, Jan 27, 2012

Jan 27, 2012

We request prayer that the church would continue to serve the nation inspite of innumerable suffering and pray also for those who are persecuting that they may experience the love of God.

International Day of Prayer, Fasting and Giving for Kosova

Feb 2, 2012

Throughout the ages God has shown that He is moved by prayer and by genuine, repentant hearts. Our heritage as Christians is rich with a history of a relationship with our God who responds to our prayers.

Kosovo Protestant Evangelical Church - Proclaiming the Gospel

May 1, 2012

Kosovo Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC) exercises its activities in the Republic of Kosovo pursuant to provisions in the Law since 2006. In a country where two main religions are Islam and Christianity with about 90% of population as Muslims, KEPC wish to be a creative minority which fully procl

Encouraging Evangelicals - Ivory Coast Evangelical Federation

May 1, 2012

WEA recently spoke with the Rev. Tehua Koffi Ouattara from the West African nation of Ivory Coast.

Evangelical Alliance of Pakistan Aims to Re launch the Organization for Greater Impact

The Evangelical Alliance of Pakistan has been established since 1956. In a country where 95% of its population practices the state religion of Islam, Evangelical Christians in Pakistan witness about Christ and help those who are in need.