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Integral Disaster Response Launched – Cyclone Haiyan, the Philippines

Nov 15, 2013

Integral Alliance has launched a joint Disaster Response for the impact of the devastating Cyclone Haiyan. Latest figures, which are changing daily, estimate that 11.3 million have been affected by this devastating cyclone. Approx 670,000 people are displaced, and estimated fatalities are at least 1

Encuentro de Alianzas Evangélicas en Honduras: ACIERA Participó de la Creatión de la Alianza Evangélica Latina

Nov 12, 2013

Durante los pasados 1 y 2 de noviembre, en la Ciudad de Tegucigalpa, Honduras, representantes de 21 Alianzas y Concilios evangélicos nacionales, reunidos en torno al FIDE (Foro Iberoamericano de Diálogo Evangélico), decidieron dar un paso hacia adelante a favor de la unidad evangélica iberoamericana

Evangelical Alliance of Mali Holds Jubilee Celebration for 50th Anniversary

Nov 8, 2013

With great pomp and colour the Association of Evangelicals in Mali (AGEMPEM) celebrated their 50th anniversary on the 28th of September, 2013. The opening ceremony was chaired by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Religious Affairs and Worship, Tierno Amadou Oumar Diallo Hass.Co-Chairs were

Evangelicals in Africa United & Engaged in Effective Ministry - Afroscope September, October

Nov 7, 2013

The world around us continues to be turbulent. In Kenya, a 9-11 type terrorist attack at the Westgate mall sent the country into hibernation mood. The reverberations reached the rest of the world as the events were CNN-ized and BBC-ed. The Lampedusa drowning and European waters turning into a cemete

Integral Alliance Disaster Response: Coordinating for Cyclone Phailin

Nov 7, 2013

On 12 October a severe cyclone struck the coastal district of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in East India, affecting 18 districts and 13.2 million people. Early warning systems and years of community disaster preparedness activities meant that thousands of lives were saved, as communities evacuated in t

Association of Evangelicals in Africa: Shaping the Post 2015 Development Agenda

Oct 24, 2013

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are in essence a “road map for world development by 2015”. They exemplify the core content of the contemporary development agenda of global governance. All countries and development agents have so far proven to act in accordance with this framework and thinkin

Fall Newsletter from the Evangelical Alliance in Israel

Oct 11, 2013

Download the PDF file here.

ACIERA Online - Spanish Newsletter of the Evangelical Alliance in Argentina

Oct 9, 2013

El libro de los Hebreos comienza de la siguiente manera: “Dios, habiendo hablado muchas veces y de muchas maneras en otro tiempo a los padres por los profetas, en estos postreros días nos ha hablado por el Hijo...”. Con ese poder de síntesis que caracteriza a las Sagradas Escrituras, ilustra sobre e

Integral Alliance: Cooperating for Syrian Refugees

Oct 9, 2013

Integral continues to facilitate a joint operations and communication response amongst its Members for the Syrian humanitarian crisis. The result of this collaborative action was that TEAR Fund New Zealand were put in touch with World Renew’s partner LSESD. They have since successfully been able to

Thunderclap for EXPOSED

Oct 3, 2013

    Thunderclap for EXPOSED         We are nearing the kick-off mark for the week of action for the EXPOSED: Shining a Light