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Canada: Honorable Bill Blaikie\'s Statement in Parliament - EFC and Amazing Grace Movie

Feb 12, 2007

Mr. Speaker, last night, thanks to the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, members of Parliament were given an opportunity to preview the movie Amazing Grace, which tells the story of British MP William Wilberforce\'s long fight to abolish slavery

WANTED: Volunteers for missionary service with Action International Ministries

Feb 12, 2007

Top Five MOST URGENT needs for Career Service are urgently needed:

Sri Lanka: Public Protest Meeting in Polonnaruwa

Feb 12, 2007

The meeting (reported on the 9th February 2007) was held as planned. However, it is reported that the numbers that attended the meeting were less than expected

India: Christian murdered in Kerala

Feb 12, 2007

S. Stanley, 58, a Christian house owner and a retired government employee was brutally murdered at his house in front of his wife by three youth on Saturday afternoon, the 10th of February at Kalliyoor, the border area of Thiruvanandapuram, Kerala.

Sri Lanka: Call for Public Protest Meeting against Christians in Polonnaruwa

Feb 9, 2007

During the morning (Today, 9th February 2007) several areas in the District of Polonnaruwa reported persons in traveling in a vehicle with a loudspeaker calling people to gather together

India: Mob attacks family over conversionin Assam

Feb 9, 2007

Tension prevails around the forest area of Bashbari village under Beshmuri outpost of Kokrajhar district due to a mob attack on a Christian family on 6 Feb.

India: Women Missionaries Beaten by Fanatics in Haryana

Feb 8, 2007

Four women missionaries of the Gospel for Asia serving in Thosam, Bhiwani District in Haryana were severely beaten in their home on February 4th by radical Hindu groups. Two pastors of the same organization were also injured in the attack.

Youth Commission News - February 2007

Feb 8, 2007

It was wonderful to be together last month, face to face, in Orlando for our annual Youth Commission meeting.

Descendant of Muhammad Converts

Feb 8, 2007

Luedenscheid, February 6 (idea) - A Turk, who claims to be a descendant of the prophet Muhammad, has converted to Christianity in Germany.

Part 4. RL Trend: Islamic Imperialism: Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo

Feb 5, 2007

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines imperialismas: "The policy of extending a nation\'s authority by territorial acquisitionor by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over othernations."