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Pakistan: The Perils of Attempting Hudood Reform

Sep 22, 2006

In 1979 Pakistan\'s military dictator Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq launched his program to Islamise Pakistan. The first step was the introduction of Hudood Ordinance.

My house shall be a house of prayer for all the nations

Sep 21, 2006

Jesus loves the nations. So much so, that he died for them. He also loves it when we love the nations. Sometimes it is difficult for us to express this love because of our natural ethnocentricity. One way of experiencing God\'s heart for the nations is through praying for them.

European Women\'s Commission: Report from Bulgaria

Sep 20, 2006

Under the authority of local church government and in support of it, spiritually and socially mature women are needed to contribute to the healthy life and growth of the Body of Christ, serving and shepherding other women according to the biblical pattern. When women are cared for and nurtured spiri

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Religious tensions rising

Sep 20, 2006

This comprehensive posting on the rising ethnic-religious tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two parts: an examination of the present situation, and an overview of the history that has created its context.

Action International Ministries: Opportunities To Work With Children at Risk Worldwide

Sep 16, 2006

Action International Ministries, a mission of 206 missionaries, has manyopportunities in evangelism, discipleship, and development to take thegospel (salvation by faith in Christ alone) and compassionate care to the104 million orphans of the world and the 160 million street children.Millions of thes

Sri Lanka Alliance: Worker Abducted

Sep 13, 2006

One of our staff members engaged in humanitarian relief work in Mulaitivu in the North-east is missing since the 4th of September 2006. This 21 year old young man was abducted while traveling to Kilinochchi.

Sri Lanka: Situation Update

Sep 13, 2006

During the past 3 months, the security situation in Sri Lanka has deteriorated rapidly with fighting between the Sri Lankan Government forces and the LTTE intensifying. Although both the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE have officially not withdrawn from the CFA (Ceasefire agreement), heavy art

National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka: Emergency Relief in Vaharai

Sep 10, 2006

After we found out the number of people displaced have increased to over 40,000, we increased our capacity to 1000 families in Vaharei for a week. It was later on brought to our attention that there are also some other IDP camps in the surrounding villages in Valachchenai etc and we decided to send

Bibles in High Demand in China and India

Sep 5, 2006

The demand for Bibles is rising in China and India, the most populous countries of the world. Although Christians are only a small minority, millions of Bibles are not sufficient to supply the need, according to the magazine Bibel Report published by the German Bible Society in Stuttgart.

Discernment and Reconciliation amidst the Fog of War

Sep 5, 2006

The current conflict between the Israeli military and the Hizbollah has been escalating in the past weeks, seen not only in the growing number of casualties, but in the displacement of many Israelis and Lebanese and in the destruction of infrastructure. While the writing of this article has been pri