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Descendant of Muhammad Converts

Feb 8, 2007

Luedenscheid, February 6 (idea) - A Turk, who claims to be a descendant of the prophet Muhammad, has converted to Christianity in Germany.

Part 4. RL Trend: Islamic Imperialism: Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo

Feb 5, 2007

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines imperialismas: "The policy of extending a nation\'s authority by territorial acquisitionor by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over othernations."

Part 3. RL Trend: Shiite Ascendancy

Feb 5, 2007

It may have taken 1,327 years, but the Sunni "caliphs" are once againfighting Shiites in Karbala, as Shiites (Arabs and Persians) are once againagitating for influence from Kufa

Part 2. RL Trend: India - Hindutva

Feb 5, 2007

While India\'s Hindutva (Hindu nationalist) forces suffered a shock-loss inthe 2004 federal elections, the Hindutva sharks are alive and well andextremely active just below the surface

Part 1. Religious Liberty (RL) Trends 2006-2007: Introduction

Feb 5, 2007

As noted in the January 2006 WEA RLC News & Analysis posting "ReligiousLiberty from 2005-2006" the great global trend of this age is the trendtoward openness.

Letter to the Editor, The Economist - Adoption & Sexual Orientation

Feb 5, 2007

Liberty, Equality--yes! But Choice? Your Jan. 27, 2007 Leader ("Render unto Caesar") makes a defensible point that we need to preserve our ideals of liberty and equality--often a tough balancing act.

India: Hindu Extremists Attack Pastors\' Conference in Raipur

Feb 5, 2007

About 100-150 Hindu extremists attacked a pastor\'s conference held in Pandri, Raipur district in Chhattisgarh state on February 2, 2007.

WEA TC Remembers George Vandervelde.

Jan 30, 2007

The WEA Theological Commission is mourning the loss of its esteemed member, Dr George Vandervelde ThD, BD, who died on January 19, 2006. George had served with the TC since 1998

STOP THE TRAFFIK: The Chocolate Campaign

Jan 30, 2007

One form of trafficking is the use of children to harvest the cocoa beans on farms in Cote D’Ivoire. These children are likely to be working to make your chocolate.

India: EFI Condemns \'Surya Namaskar\' Programme in MP Schools

Jan 26, 2007

The Evangelical Fellowship of India condemns the BJP government\'s decision to go ahead with the mass yoga programme